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Discover your ability to drive change.


High School Students & Growing.

We have a name for the students who join us on a service trip.

We call them World Changers.

Travel with us and...

2020 Trip Dates:


February 15th-22nd

March 14th-21st

April 18th-25th


July 12th - July 20th

July 22nd - July 30th

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Hear From Our World Changers!

One of the biggest takeaways I got from this trip was that you do not need material items to be happy when you are surrounded by people who you love and who love you. When you are with the people that you love, all you need is the right mindset and to be grateful and appreciative of what you have.

Grace, Winchester High School, February 2019

Going on this trip has allowed me to really appreciate everything I have. When I return I am going to give my mother a giant hug, because in this community they value family more than anything, so from now on that's what I will do too.

Sergy, Boston, MA, April 2018

The World Changer Journey

  • Jun 6, 2019


    To secure your spot as a World Changer, an application, short essay and deposit are required. Once our staff approves your application, we will get you started on your World Changer journey!

  • Before Departure


    Our World Changers make up a large portion of our donor community. Yes, you are a young philanthropist! Each student group funds 50% of the school and/or playground and collectively supports one year of programming in the community. Majority of participants choose to fundraise, whether through an online campaign or through group fundraisers within your local community. Our staff will guide you through this process to help you reach your fundraising goal!


    Prior to departure, World Changers participate in pre-trip seminars. You can expect these sessions to cover fundraising strategies, the history and culture of Panama or Guatemala and Global Citizenship. During this process, you will get to know our staff and the other students all while feeling well-informed about the experience you are about to embark on.

  • Jun 6, 2019


    Students spend their week abroad participating in the final stages of the school construction. Throughout the week, students begin to open their eyes and minds to the deep and complicated causes underlying poverty. In addition to finishing the build of the school, students get to partake in cultural immersion activities such as shadowing a family in the community and outdoor adventures! You can also expect to form genuine relationships among your peers and the children in the community!

  • Jun 6, 2019


    Students return home with incredible stories, new lifelong friendships and a renewed sense of appreciation for their own education. Many are even inspired to take action within their own communities and are often motivated to continue their passion for service and international development throughout the next stages of life, including their future careers. 


Attend one of our upcoming information sessions to learn more!

Wednesday October 2nd at 7PM

Hingham High School, Room 131

Thursday October 3rd at 7:30PM 

Winchester High School, Library

Tuesday October 15th at 7:00PM 

Lauralton Hall School, CT

Request An Information Session In Your Town

Do you think our service program would be of interest to your local community? Let us know and we'll schedule a time to come and speak to interested families and students in your school or town!

Student Leadership Program


Our Student Leadership Program is designed for World Changers looking to get more involved with our work. Many students return from their trips eager to spread the word about School the World!

Personally, being a trip leader was one of the best parts of the week. Not only did I get to help with more things than I had last year, but I also felt as if I had a greater influence on the overall group. I was able to show people proper technique for some of the work, and I really liked inspiring others with what I had to say in the nightly discussions.

Cole Rabschnuk, Hingham, MA February '19

Family Service Trip


Bring your family to Guatemala or Panama and in one week give your children, nieces/nephews or grandkids a greater appreciation for travel & for helping others, all while making unforgettable memories!

I was incredibly fortunate to travel with my nieces Annabel and Elle to finish a school in Guatemala. Working along side them and watching as they experienced the joy of working to improve the lives of children was an experience I’ll always cherish. Thanks to School the World for providing all three of us with this wonderful opportunity to make a difference, and to do it together as a family!

Stacy Rubin with nieces Annabel and Elle, July '18


Chaperone & Nurse Volunteers

We're always looking for nurses and chaperones to join us! Learn how to become part of our volunteer staff:

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