Start A Chapter!

Form a School the World Chapter or Club at your school and become an advocate for children who do not have access to education!

Join the mission.
School the World Chapters are student-led groups that believe in the power of education to solve extreme poverty.

Through our dynamic program, you 'll learn what it means to be a global citizen, educate your peers, organize impactful fundraisers, serve as School the World ambassadors and so much more!

We'll provide all the support, training, and resources you need to get started and grow.


Develop an impressive skillset of leadership, organization, and advocacy.


Collaborate with peers to
support children in rural extreme poverty and spread the word about the global education crisis.


Gain knowledge about Central American communities and the education obstacles they face in rural extreme poverty.


By spreading awareness and fundraising, you are changing the lives of children in rural extreme poverty!


Get Started Today!

1. Build your team:
Find at least 5 interested and excited friends or classmates.

2. Find an advisor:
Ask an adult to serve as your chapter's advisor.

3. Elect your leadership:
Assign positions to your team members.

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