Getting children caught up after two years of school closures.

When schools reopened in March of 2022, children were suffering from extensive learning loss: 6th graders could not understand a simple line of text or add two numbers together, 4th graders were not able to identify letters, and so on...

We knew that we had to provide children with a learning recovery alternative that was disruptive and effective.

  • Hired Teacher Aides

    Our staff hired, trained and supervised 47 Teacher Aides to tutor 3,252 students in Guatemala, Honduras and Panama. 

  • Diagnostic Tests

    When schools reopened, each child was evaluated and placed into small groups based on their reading and math skills, rather than their age or grade.

  • Small Group Tutoring

    Each child then received 4 hours of small group tutoring every week for 6 months. Students were evaluated every two weeks and regrouped according to their learning levels.

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2022 Impact Highlights

% of 2nd graders who cannot read a word:

December 2020 vs. December 2022:

Our Learning Recovery Program did begin to get children caught up in 2022. However, we know that it will take years to get children back to learning at the right level again.

We will be continuing this program throughout 2023 and 2024 until children achieve the functional literacy needed to chart a path out of extreme poverty and ensure that they stay in school and feel empowered to continue learning.

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If you are interested in the materials and evaluations regarding this program please email Bianca Argueta, bianca.argueta@schooltheworld.org and materials will be shared upon request.


Meet Sandra

"I am 10 years old and in the 3rd grade. When school began this year, I had forgotten everything! I forgot how to read and how to add and subtract numbers. I could not speak Spanish well either. This made me more sad than schools being closed.

The tutor helped me a lot with letters, numbers, reading and writing. Before it was SO difficult. Now, I can count to 300!! She even taught me how to hold a pencil properly again!

Now I am so happy. I always want the weekends to go by quickly so that I can learn more on Monday.

When I travel with my mom outside of the community, I have to read signs to her because she cannot. It's almost like she is blind.

I do not want that for myself. The tutor has made sure that will not happen. I really hope she can continue helping us next year so that I can learn more and more and make sure to do well in school!"