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For Education

Our CHANGE MAKERS have done some pretty awesome things to raise money for education. And they're thinking of new things to do every day. What will you do?

Step 1:

Set up a campaign to celebrate a special occasion, host an event, or collect general donations - the possibilities are endless!

Setting up your own individual campaign is quick and includes adding a photo and description letting people know what you are doing to fundraise for School the World. Within minutes, you will be ready to start raising money to help bring quality education to children living in extreme poverty.

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Step 2:

Spread the word.

Spread the word about your fundraiser and ask your network to make a gift by sharing the link to your fundraising page via social media channels, email, and text messages. The more people you tell, the quicker you'll reach your goal!

You'll also receive a FREE Fundraising Toolkit right in your inbox and our staff will reach out to provide you with any resources you might need and help you along the way! 

Step 3:

SEE your impact!

Get ready to feel proud! Whether your campaign has sent a child tp school, stocked a library with books, built a playground or a classroom, you'll receive updates on where your fundraised dollars have made a difference.

Progress reports will be provided so you can see how YOU made an impact for deserving kids in Central America.

Ready? Start your campaign today!


Change Maker Highlights:

Manolo Sandoval: Marathon Manny!

Ran a marathon and raised $12,691!


Ben's Lemonade for LiteracyRaised $725 in 2022 for books!


Olivia O'Malley: Fundraised for 2 summers, ran a marathon and raised $22,476!


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