Middle School

To curb the sharp decline in school enrollment  that often occurs after primary school, particularly for girls, our Middle School program addresses the most common barriers to continued learning, including scholarships and funding for fees, supplies, uniforms, and transportation, as well as alternative learning models for young people who feel compelled to work and support their families.

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We further the educational gains of primary school by empowering our students with training on digital literacy, teenage pregnancy, social emotional skills and life plans.

As of 2021, each scholarship includes an inexpensive smartphone so that even when schools are closed, our scholarship recipients can still participate in virtual trainings, turn in assignments to their teachers and communicate with our staff!

Angélica, Enma y Juana (Tutors)


We emphasize gender equity and education for girls throughout our primary school parent trainings, but we also provide full scholarships for girls who show a passion for education and learning to enroll in a traditional full-time lower secondary school. To remove all barriers, we cover transportation, school supplies and menstrual supplies.

In 2020, we created WhatsApp Support Groups so that girls have a safe place to turn to while schools are closed. Through these groups, they can connect with our staff and other scholarship girls their age, while feeling safe and protected.

Scholarship Students

Alternative Learning Models

Where there are no schools nearby, we make sure every student has access to at least one alternative model. In central locations we ensure a teacher for an innovative new program combining independent study with teaching and evaluation one day a week. In the most remote communities, we support access to radio-based, independent study programs.

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