Our Middle School program addresses the most common barriers to continued learning, including scholarships and funding for fees, supplies, uniforms, and transportation, as well as alternative learning models for young people who need to work and support their families.

Meet Eugenia, a future graphic designer:

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Partial Scholarships are awarded to students who have a middle school in their community, but their family cannot even afford the basics. We cover registration fees, school supplies, uniforms and provide trainings on human rights, digital skills & career paths. Additionally, each scholarship recipient has our staff (a mentor) to help guide them through their adolescent years.


We emphasize gender equity and education for girls throughout our primary school parent trainings, but we also provide full scholarships for girls, who show a passion for learning, to enroll in a traditional full-time lower secondary school. To remove all barriers, we cover transportation and school supplies. In 2020, we created WhatsApp Support Groups so that girls have a safe place to turn to. Through these groups, they can connect with our staff and other girls their age, while feeling safe and protected. Click here to learn more about our work with women and girls. 

Alternative School Model

Where there are no schools nearby or in some cases where children need to work full-time, we make sure children can still access an educational alternative model. We provide a teacher to implement a program combining independent study throughout the week and then teaching and evaluation one day a week. 

Congrats to our FIRST cohort of middle school graduates!

Even during a pandemic, when schools were closed for 2 years, they worked so hard and were determined to graduate! We are so proud!