Corporate Service

Want to take sponsorship a step further?

Invite your employees to take part in a transformational service trip!

Leading up to the trip, in addition to the company sponsorship, employees will fundraise as a team for their trip expenses and the playground. This provides some great pre-trip team-building and gives an opportunity for other employees who are not traveling to feel included in the project.

Employee participants spend a week in Central America helping to finish the build of the school and playground and network with other employees at the same time. At the end of the week employees take part in the dedication and see the final product!

Your company logo will be presented on the school plaque to symbolize a lasting relationship with the school and the community.


"Participating in a corporate trip with School the World was far and away the best investment I have made in our team. We've seen such positive ROI not only with employee morale but also with marketing engagement."

- Merrily Bodell, COO, IvyWise

"As cliché as it is to say that this was an eye-opening experience or an experience of a lifetime, it is 100% true. Would I do it again? In a second."

- Jon Weigel, IMG Participant 2018

"This trip was meaningful in so many ways & team building most certainly was at the top of that list. Our group was able to laugh and work alongside each other in a different way than in an office setting, which was core to the experience. We came back with too many good memories to count & a sense of accomplishment towards the school we built together."

- Bryanna Davis, Envisage International

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Corporate Sponsorship

Does your company believe that education can transform lives? Is your company looking for a way to give back and make an impact?

Our Corporate Sponsorship Program provides your company with an opportunity to create change. Not only will you be transforming the lives of children living in extreme poverty, you will also be spreading the importance of education and philanthropy throughout your office!

Select from a wide range of our sponsorship experiences and give quality education to children and families living in extreme poverty.

Allow your employees to fundraise to provide a playground along with the school your company sponsors. This not only gives children the gift of play, it also promotes team-building and boosts company morale, giving your employees the opportunity to make a real impact within the workplace.

Why Sponsor?

By sponsoring a school, your company forms a lasting relationship with a community in need. Not only is your company logo on the school plaque, but we will also send you frequent updates with photos of the construction process as well as pictures of the children and parents so that you get to know the lives that you are changing. Once the build is finished, your updates are just beginning! Our local programming begins and from then on we send you bi-annual updates on the progress of the community so that you and your employees experience the long-term impact.

"The staff really enjoyed this service project because it not only helped children in Guatemala, but at the same time it was a team-building opportunity inside the office; coming up with ways to fundraise as a company and working with local businesses to reach our goal was a mutually inspiring experience."

- Employees from Delaney McKinney LLP