The Power of PLAY

Schools in Central America have finally reopened after two years of being closed and PLAY is more important than ever before. These children have not been able to PLAY with their classmates since before the pandemic, many were even working throughout the pandemic. It's time for them to play...

We have 10 schools that need playgrounds. This year, YOU can fundraise to build a playground for a school in rural extreme poverty where hundreds, if not thousands of children will thrive for many years to come! Talk about impact!

Tell me more...

The best part?! Once you reach your $7,000 goal, you'll receive updates on the construction of your playground AND you'll get to add your name, class's name, club's name or family's name to a plaque that will be mounted on the playground in honor of your amazing accomplishment!

Even better? Maybe one day you'll travel with us to the community and get to play on your playground with the kids! How about that for a once-in-a-lifetime experience?!

Ok, who can I do this with?

Anybody and everybody! Whether you fundraise by yourself for your birthday or with your spouse for an anniversary, or as a family or a group of friends! Teachers can even fundraise with their students, pre-schools or play centers can fundraise to provide PLAY to children in extreme poverty... the possibilities are endless!

$7,000 is a lot. How do I reach my fundraising goal?

Fundraising is the easy part! Besides sending emails and posting on social media (we'll send you templates!), make it fun! Use this the nice weather to get outside and get your community, friends and family involved! Host a fundraising workout class, organize a neighborhood walk, host a dance-a-thon, happy hour, bake sale, lemonade stand, the possibilities are endless! You can literally do ANYTHING to give back!

Additionally, $7K is not the end all be all. We'd love if everyone could reach this goal, but ANY amount you are able to raise will go towards a brand new playground OR PLAY supplies in a community! So no matter what, you are making a difference! 

And we're here to help you every step of the way!

Ali, our Communications Manager, is here to help you with anything you might need to you reach your fundraising goal! We also have email and social media templates, a thorough fundraising toolkit and more!


** If you do not reach your goal of $7,000, that's ok (!), we can still allocate your fundraised amount to PLAY/sports equipment for a school!