We believe all children love to learn, want to learn and
are capable of learning.
Our Difference.
We believe all parents want a better life for their children and all teachers prefer motivation & achievemeny to apathy & failure. Nevertheless, we recognize that the complexities behind generational poverty require us to be innovative and often disruptive to make real learning possible. 

We are grassroots. We partner with communities to create community. Our model brings together government, community leaders, parents, teachers and global citizens, working together to change the status quo for children.


We believe learning and evolving is essential to creating change. Not only for the children, teachers and parents, but for our staff, our Board of Directors and our world-changing supporters!


is an essential pillar of our work. Our model empowers all stakeholders to become education change agents for children and youth.


We focus on the quality of our work and the honesty in our relationships. We commit to measuring our effectiveness, continually improving our programs and being transparent with all stakeholders and supporters.


We hold ourselves and all stakeholders accountable. The children deserve nothing less and without accountability, generational poverty is sure to continue. 

Why Local?

Partnering with the local government and community guarantees that everybody has a vested interest in the success of the school. Equally important, it creates a lasting culture that values education and progress. Employing local staff to oversee our programming in each community ensures that each community's unique needs are being met and actual long-term, sustainable progress is being made.

Each community we work in, the local government donates the land, raw materials and/or labor to help with the school build. We supplement their resources with our expertise, resources and experience.