Champion for Education and Transform Lives Every Month!

Champion for Education

When School the World began working in Maria's community, everything changed. Over time, Maria was actually learning, her parents understood why it was important that she was in school and her teachers began to show up every day!

Join The Champions, our monthly giving community, and invest in transforming entire communites, like Maria's, through the power of education!

$5 Gives A Child One Book Every Month

$10 Trains 5 Early Childhood Experts

$20 Stocks A Library With Brand New Books!

$40 Sends Two Kids To Middle School!

Who Are The Champions?  A powerful, generous and caring group of people advocating for a world where all children can receive the quality education they deserve. People like you, from all around the world, investing what they can monthly to ensure all children can create a brighter future. 

Why Give Monthly? 

  • Contribute to the longevity of School the World by providing regular support.
  • Give in a sustainable way that is manageable for your budget.
  • See your long-term and meaningful impact.

You'll Get: 

  • Monthly Updates on your impact as The Champions
  • Exclusive Videos from our in-country teams and Founder!
  • Special opportunities to learn more about our programs
  • First to know important milestones, events and more!
  • Featured in the Annual Report