Our Community School Program shows what can happen when an entire community organizes around the power of education. Our theory is that basic resources, coupled with capacity-building of parents and teachers, can dramatically improve the quality of education and lead to reduced dropout rates and higher completion rates!

We begin our 5-year partnership by negotiating with local municipalities to provide 50% of the new infrastructure costs. We provide the remaining 50% through corporate sponsors, individual donors or World Changers participating in our Global Citizenship Program.

  • We believe that improving INFRASTRUCTURE, highly valued by the community, will create a relationship of trust and improve the morale of parents, students and teachers.

    A three-classroom school is our first step. It is often replacing makeshift structures or adobe (mud) structures in danger of collapse. The school symbolizes much more than just the physical building. It is a symbol of progress, providing a reason for hope. Each classroom is equipped with a white board, a desk for the teacher, shelves to hold a full library of books, desks that are correctly sized for the children and bright hand painted murals that will inspire children to dream beyond the classroom.

  • We believe that with PARENT TRAININGS focused on their children’s right to a quality education, their role as “the first educator” and how they can help their children learn, parents will support education at home and at school, ultimately keeping children in school.

    The majority of the parents we work with are illiterate, but they want their children to have the education and opportunity they never had. Through our bi-monthly empowerment trainings, they learn how to support their child's learning both in an out of the classroom. They learn about their rights, the rights of their child and responsibilities of the teacher. Should teachers not change, our newly empowered parents will hold them accountable and demand change.

  • We believe that TEACHER TRAINING will improve both capacity and morale among teachers, leading to higher quality instruction and reduced teacher truancy. In turn, children will begin to learn and want to stay in school.

    Teachers in rural areas struck by extreme poverty begin their teaching careers with minimal training. They are often in teaching environments with few supplies and limited support. Even just getting to and from school can be a daily challenge.

    Our Training: With monthly group trainings and individual classroom-based coaching from our local Teacher Trainers, we give teachers two years of intensive training. Our curriculum focuses on early foundational literacy skills and social and emotional learning. We also build a culture of professional pride, peer influence and motivation by awarding teachers who master best practices!


    Most of the children enrolled in our schools go to work before and/or after school to help support their families. We believe providing children with a safe place to discover, imagine and explore is a vital aspect of development. We build playgrounds, but that is not all. We also integrate organized games and outdoor learning activities that develop social and emotional learning, cognitive skills, increase self confidence and gender equality. Children can learn so much with the Power of Play!

  • We believe that CLASSROOM LIBRARIES will improve children and teacher morale and further creativity and learning.

    Children can’t learn to read without books! Through a partnership with the parents in each community and generous donors like you, we stock and restock classroom libraries with beautiful books that inspire children to dream beyond the classroom. The kids get so excited to receive new books they even wait outside of their classroom, running up to the delivery truck when they see it approaching their school.