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Kate Curran

Founder & CEO

Kate founded School the World in 2009. Her vision is to fight extreme poverty at its roots by bringing education to the world’s poorest children. Prior to School the World, she was an attorney and executive at General Electric Company. She grew up in Bridgeport, CT and enjoys reading, traveling and spending time with her very large extended family.


Natalie Hambor

Chief of Staff & Operations

Natalie has a background in entrepreneurship and marketing as well as a strong passion for global service travel. A graduate of Northeastern University, Natalie has extensive travel experience on both a philanthropic and personal level. She enjoys sharing her belief for cultural exchange and the power of community development.

At School the World, Natalie is responsible for the development and execution of our Global Citizenship Program as well as our internal operations.

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Ana Joya

Regional Director

Ana has always felt the call to work in development and a passion to help others. Ana started working with young people at her first job as a Community Development Coordinator at the American Field Service (AFS). For 11 years Ana worked at World Renew in Honduras, gaining experience in managing different community development projects and programs.

Now, as Regional Director, Ana has learned how important education is and how it can transform a child's life for the better!


Oscar Saquil

Program Director, Guatemala

Oscar Saquil is passionate about the power of quality education to transform the realities and needs of society. Oscar comes from a teaching background in Guatemala and has served as an official in the Ministry of Education as well as a consultant to international corporations.

Now, as School the World’s Program Director for Guatemala, Oscar is committed to fostering linguistically and culturally appropriate teacher training, educational materials, classroom support, and family empowerment that will serve the development of every student.

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Ali Rouatt

Communications Manager


Sarah Pease

Service Learning Program Manager

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Director of Development



Heydie Cruz

Mauren Escoto



Katy Lopez

Assistant Program Director


Marilu Quiñonez

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Marisa Zapeta


Carlos Escobar


Santana Hernandez


Liria Us


Crissy Capella

Assistant Of Special Projects


Enrique Chuta


Isabel Yax

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Kener Us

Coordinator of Special Projects


Francisco Reynoso


Paty Lopez

board of directors

Merilly Bodell
Chief Operating Officer, Ivywise

Cynthia Clemson
Co-director of Municipal Investments, Eaton Vance Chair & Executive Committee

Kate Curran
Founder & CEO, School the World

Keith Clausen
CEO, Envisage International Corporation

Vickie Costa
Senior Vice President of Global Sourcing, Talbots

Joseph Cronin
Founder & President, International Insurance Group, Inc. Secretary & Executive Committee

Cynthia del Aguila
Executive Secretary, Foundation of the Universidad de Valle de Guatemala Former Minister of Education, Guatemala

Lin Delaney
Partner & Attorney, Delaney McKinney LLP

Claudia Pinto
Investor, Former EU & Portuguese Foreign Service

Nicole Sahin
CEO, Globalization Partners

Ellen McDonnell Stevens
Executive Editor (Retired), NPR

Andy Sears

Geoffrey Willison
CFO, Continuum Innovation

advisory board

Nicole Arnold

Bruno Mercenari
Co-President, Ino

Alberto Musalem
CEO, Co-CIO & Co-Founder, Evince Asset Management LP

Vanessa O'Malley

Alison Qualter Berna
Co-Founder, Appleseeds

Carmen Scarpa
Partner, Spring Lake Equity Partners

Emmanuel Smadja
CEO & Co-Founder, MPOWER Financing

Michael Tassinari
Director, Advanced Analytics, Liberty Mutual Insurance

Rafael Urbina
CEO & Founder, Batanga Network, Inc.

Jack Warfield
President, PGA Tour Latin America