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61 million children of lower secondary school-age are not in school.

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Right now only a small percentage of children in rural Cental America are able to continue their education past 6th grade, the end of primary

school. We are committed to removing the roadblocks to give every one of our students the opportunity to continue

their education through lower secondary school (grade 7-9).



Even where students do have a lower secondary school in their community or within walking distance, they often cannot afford a uniform, the school supplies and the homework assignments required at that level. We provide scholarships for these basic needs for every student who needs one.

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Alternative Learning Models

Where there are no schools nearby, we make sure every student has access to at least one alternative model. In central locations we ensure a teacher for an innovative new program combining independent study with teaching and evaluation one day a week. In the most remote communities, we support access to radio-based, independent study programs.



We emphasize gender equity and education for girls throughout our primary school parent trainings, but we also provide full scholarships for girls who show a passion for education and learning to attend a traditional full-time lower secondary school. To remove all barriers, we cover transportation, school supplies and menstrual supplies. 


Meet Marta.

13 years old. Although she loved learning in primary school and wished to continue on to secondary school, her parents could not afford the daily transportation and other costs associated with secondary school. So with her dreams of continuing her learning crushed, Marta dedicated herself to caring for her family's animals and doing domestic chores in the neighbors' house to help her family earn an income. Knowing Marta's enthusiasm about continuing her studies, our trainers visited her house, talked to her parents and offered Marta a Scholarship For Success so that she could attend a secondary school near her community without having to worry about the transportation cost. Marta and her parents were thrilled!

Marta loves to study and has dedicated herself to becoming a teacher so that one day she can teach girls and boys about the importance of education and staying in school.

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