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A Vision Founded In Gratitude

In 2007, our Founder Kate Curran left her career as an attorney to travel the world. Her personal call to action followed the sudden death of her brother, father and mother in under two years. Her mother’s last words, “I’ve had a great life,” and her father’s lifelong commitment to public service inspired her to begin a journey to define “a great life” that took her across four continents.

For Kate, her year-long journey was a course in gratitude, gratitude for the majesty of the world evident in Patagonia’s Glaciers National Park, gratitude for the sacrifices of others so evident in Normandy, and gratitude for the sacrifices her parents made for her own education. But it was the 12 children sharing one pencil in a Tanzania classroom, the young children working under the hot Andes sun, and the children crossing through crocodile-infested waters to get to school in a Zambian village who moved her to action. Inspired by that gratitude and the lengths to which the world’s children will go for an education, Kate founded School the World to fight extreme poverty at its roots by bringing quality education to the world’s poorest and marginalized children.

It was a vision founded in gratitude that led Kate to School the World. It is through dedicated supporters and partners that this vision became reality. Partnering with philanthropic investors who share Kate’s vision of delivering lasting change through education, School the World has built 100 schools and 49 playgrounds in two countries, created 401 classroom libraries, empowered 5,986 parents as “first educators,” extensively trained 392 teachers and served over 9,858 children.

From reaching 100 schools, to expanding our programming to include early childhood development through lower secondary school, to developing our programs and service trips in Northern Panama, our 10th year has truly been one for the books!