Building Blocks

Early Childhood Education and School Readiness

The Facts

Children who participate in high-quality preschool programs have better health, social-emotional and educational outcomes than those who do not. These gains are particularly powerful for children from low-income families.

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Research shows that the foundations for learning are largely built in the early years of life, before a child ever crosses the thresholds of primary school. Evidence shows that high percentages of children are failing first grade and are much more likely to drop out of school after failing even one grade.

Reaching children early is the best way to transform futures.

Our Program


Our Building Blocks program begins with the parents. Through parent trainings we help parents understand the importance of early stimulation and show them ways to help ensure their children are stimulated and healthy, reaching the key developmental and cognitive milestones.

We also emphasize the importance of early enrollment in pre-primary school. We organize them to request a pre-primary school teacher from the government. We build pre-primary schools and drive the supply of age-appropriate tools and games.

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In the meantime, our pre-primary teacher training program helps teachers identify the cognitive markers that make a child "ready for school". We help them learn the best practices to achieve those markers and develop social and emotional skills so children begin to learn things like patience and self control.