World Changers in the Making

493 High School Students & Growing. We have a nickname for the students who join us on a service learning trip. We call them World Changers.

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We call them World Changers because of their passion for service and desire to drive change.

Students spend time before their spring or summer break fundraising for a nine-day service trip in the Western Highlands of Guatemala. Funds they raise go directly towards buying materials and supplies to build a school or playground in a Guatemalan village. Students visit the community to participate in the actual construction process and complete in time to join the dedication ceremony.

Each group that travels completes 1 new school building during their journey of discovery. We also believe cultural exposure and understanding is an important part of our program. During their trip, students experience the wonders of the Mayan world, visit the Spanish colonial city of Antigua, climb the active Pecaya volcano, explore a local coffee farm and barter in the largest open air market in Central America.

During their trip, our student travelers begin to open their eyes and minds to the deep, complicated causes underlying poverty and gender discrimination prevalent in the rural villages. They also walk away with first hand insights to economic realities that force mothers and fathers to send their young children across our treacherous borders. More importantly, they experience the power and influence of education in ordinary people’s lives.

Student Leadership Program

Student Service Learning


Our Student Leadership Program is designed for our World Changers looking for increased engagement opportunities in our organization . Many of our student travelers return from their trips eager to do more and spread the word about their experience. It is truly inspiring to watch young high school students develop a strong passion for helping make education accessible to those in the developing world.

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