255 Teachers Trained, 17,589 Books Added to Libraries

Although many teachers have degrees from universities, teachers in rural Guatemala and Honduras begin teaching with little or no training, and typically with only a high school diploma.

teacher training

They also face a number of unique challenges, from just getting to remote school locations every day to teaching without adequate infrastructure or learning materials and working with children who arrive at school with all of the challenges associated with extreme poverty.

At School the World, we help support the teachers by building schools so they have a safe place to teach. We also deeply engage parents and local community so they can provide a quality learning experience to the children. Finally, we provide books & supplies and train teachers so they can provide quality learning experience to the children.

255 Teachers Trained

We deliver extensive monthly training to our teachers over two years using a tested and proven methodology developed by US AID (Centers for Excellence in Teacher Training or “CETT”). Our expert trainers work with teachers in groups once a month and visit each teacher for in-classroom training every month.

The training strives toward child-centric teaching with a special focus on methods for teaching literacy using supplemental reading materials. While CETT develops teaching skills, we build a culture of professional pride, peer influence and motivation with teaching prizes and best practices sharing.

The teachers in our schools are all local teams. They are personally invested in their nation’s educational progress and familiar with the challenges children and families face day in and day out. Our teachers also speak the native language, know the customs, and understand what it takes to keep our students motivated .

17,589 Books Added to Libraries

teacher training

Children can't learn to read without books. The real question is how to sustain a steady supply of books to the children in our communities. Currently, we are able to accomplish this with School the World Reading Challenge Grants.

We challenge parents to begin investing in books by promising that School the World will multiply what they give by 5 in the first year, by 4 in the second year, by 3 in the third year, by 2 in the fourth year and by 1 in the fifth year. After 5 years, we have a full mini-library in every classroom!

These parents often support their entire families on less than $2 a day, but they are rising to the challenge. They organize around the incentive and pledge between $1.25 and $2.50 per child for books, sometimes in 2 installments.

We believe deeply engaging our parents in the success of the schools is critical to creating lasting change. Investment in books assures us that they are taking education seriously...enough to sacrifice a day’s wage or money for food.

It is amazing to see parents lining up to provide a thumbprint as their promise to give so their children can have books! They may not know how to read or write themselves, but they desperately want their children to be literate and happy to make their sacrifice.

15,000 books added
Parents sign a pledge with their thumbprints to contribute $2 toward books.

Many of our supporters wonder how they can help bring books to classrooms from their side in the US. The answer is our Book Sticker Campaign!

We purchase all of our books on the ground in Guatemala and Honduras. A donation of $5 will bring one book to a child in need and $250 creates an entire classroom library.

Under Ways to Help you can download our book sticker template and print onto Avery sticker sheets. From here you can sell the stickers at $5 each at your own book drive! You will have the chance to write your own message to our students in Central America. We then bring the stickers and your donations on our service trips every spring and purchase the books to put your personal message inside.