Teacher Trainings

The Challenge: Teachers in rural Central America often begin their teaching careers with little, if any, training. They face a number of unique challenges with inadequate teaching environments and limited supplies and support from the government. Even just getting to and from the school can be challenging.

teacher training

The Training

School the World provides our teachers with two years of intensive training that includes a special focus on child-centric teaching and methods of teaching early reading skills using supplemental reading materials. Teachers participate in monthly group trainings followed up with individualized classroom-based coaching. We also build a culture of professional pride, peer influence and motivation through the sharing of best practices and prizes for exemplary teachers.

28,084 Books Added to Libraries

teacher training

Driving the Supply of Critical Learning Materials

Children can’t learn to read without books.

School the World tackles this lack of resources through a matching program with the parents of each community. We challenge parents to begin investing in books with our commitment that School the World will multiply their community contribution by 5 in the first year, by 4 in the second year, by 3 in the third year, by 2 in the fourth year and by 1 in the fifth year of programming. After five years, we have a full mini-library in every classroom and a culture of parents investing in the school!

Books added

Parents take this challenge very seriously, typically contributing $1.25 per child per year (a meaningful investment often requiring sacrifice of food or other necessities). They pledge their contributions and write it up in the community’s Book of Acts, often giving their thumb print as their commitment to pay because they cannot sign their own name. We believe deeply engaging our parents in the success of the schools is critical to creating lasting change. This investment in books not only engages parents, it empowers them as co-creators of their child’s education.

15,000 books added
Parents sign a pledge with their thumbprints to contribute to books.