We don't succeed unless our students do!

9,582 students enrolled.

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We take success very seriously. That is why we measure student achievement in the most reliable way possible, through testing at our schools and at similarly situated control schools. We test at the beginning of the teacher training program, again at the end of the first year, and again at the end of the second year of teacher training. After just one year, our schools are outperforming the control schools in both reading and math.

But we use test results for a lot more than that. We analyze the results to look for patterns – patterns that often tells us about how kids, teachers and schools are performing and sometimes even why. We take these learnings and optimize our program so we are continuously improving and creating positive change.

We also have more girls enrolled in our schools than ever before! Through our parent education training, we are changing the cultural norm.

We've engaged in significant evaluation activity and want to share what we've learned!

School attainment data: Rio Mactzul and Mactzul Septimo are two of our first schools. We have traced student class cohorts over time to evaluate our success with two primary objectives: keeping kids in school and increasing 1st grade passing rates.

Mactzul Septimo: chart showing 1st grade passing rates - important indicator of future success

graph one - our impact

Rio Mactzul: Drop out rate declining over time

graph two - our impact

In 2017, we surveyed hundreds of parents, students and teachers to evaluate our short and mid-term objectives: improve morale, engage parents in the education of their children and maximize instruction time given the already short five hour school day:

Parent, Student & Teacher surveys: School environment

Parents as first educators

graph three - our impact

Adherence in the school schedule - Kids, Parents

graph 4 - our impact

recess time

graph 5 - our impact

Teacher accountability

graph 6 - our impact

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Our Commitment to Girls' Education

educating girls

At School the World, our commitment to education is to all the children. However, we recognize there is a gap between girls and boys when it comes to access and expectations.

Giving girls access to education is the first of many steps essential to reducing gender discrimination and breaking down gender barriers. It is not uncommon to see families send only their sons to school, leaving the girls to domestic duties and childrearing. As a result, girls are more susceptible to be left behind in poverty and continue to be dependent on their families for support. Providing access to education allows girls to have the skills they need to negotiate key life decisions and to have the license to seek lifestyles and choices that are not bound by prescribed gender roles.

We have high expectations for our girls and expect the same from our students and their families. Our program reinforces girls' commitment to their own education, works with girls to develop essential life skills and increases support for girls’ education among their parents, school staff, and communities.

Our program also builds parent empowerment through trainings on how they can be their child’s first educator. It is through parent education training classes that parents and local communities learn the importance of educating the girls and begin embracing the value of education for both girls and boys.

Education can change everything.

According to Studies of Global Partnership of Education, there is vast evidence that suggests that countries with better gender equality and less gender disparity in primary and secondary education are more likely to have higher economic growth. An educated female population increases a country’s productivity and fuels development.

Furthermore, more educated women tend to be healthier, work and earn more income, have fewer children, and provide health care and education to their children. According to UNICEF, "girls education literally saves millions of lives!"

At School the World, we take great pride in the number of girls participating in our program.