We Educate Parents and Deeply Engage our Communities!

Empowered 5,300 parents as "first educators"

parent education

The majority of the parents we work with are illiterate, but they are determined to provide their children with the education they never had. Our parents hold a strong influence over what happens within the community and school environment and our goal is to empower them to take action. Through bi-monthly parent trainings, School the World empowers parents with the knowledge of how to be “the first educators” for their children. They learn how to support their child’s learning both in and out of the classroom. They learn about their rights, the rights of their child, and the responsibilities of the teacher. Where necessary, empowered parents will hold teachers accountable.

We only build in communities where there is a commitment for success by local governments.

One very important part of the equation for success is our ability to partner with local governments. Actually, we make it a requirement.

Every village we invest in, the local government donates the land, raw materials and/or labor to help with the school build. We supplement their resources with our expertise, resources and experience.

Partnering with the local community guarantees that everybody has a vested interest in the success of the school. Equally important, it creates a lasting culture that values education and progress.