We Educate Parents and Deeply Engage our Communities!

Empowered 4,166 parents as "first educators"

parent education

We all know education begins in the home. And the more involved parents are, both in and out of school, the more a child is likely to learn. The majority of our parents cannot read or write, but they desperately want an education for their children. These parents have a tremendous influence over what happens in their local school, and we help them understand how best to use that influence.

With our parental engagement program, we organize parent meetings every two weeks. We engage them in discussion and strive for outcomes like a “code of care” for school property and peer-to-peer outreach to the parents of children who are not in school. And we educate them about some of the most important indicators of learning, such as instructional time.

When parents understand the significance of instructional time, they can start to observe how much time their children are spending in and out of the classroom and they can begin to take action and make a difference!

We only build in communities where there is a commitment for success by local governments.

One very important part of the equation for success is our ability to partner with local governments. Actually, we make it a requirement.

Every village we invest in, the local government donates the land, raw materials and/or labor to help with the school build. We supplement their resources with our expertise, resources and experience.

Partnering with the local community guarantees that everybody has a vested interest in the success of the school. Equally important, it creates a lasting culture that values education and progress.