This Corporate Sponsorship and Employee Service Program stems from the eagerness of companies to not only invest in new opportunities for their employees but also to support our overall mission in a unique way.

Corporations have the ability create a culture of philanthropy within the workplace and provide their dedicated workforce with an opportunity to serve abroad. Some are using this model as a team-building experience, others as an incentive program and a few are incorporating employees’ children. Our unique model provides companies with the opportunity to work with School the World staff in spearheading this mission within their office(s) as well as personalizing the travel experience.

Corporate Service Program

Our Inaugural Corporate Service Group

We launched this program in Fall of 2017, five years into the programming of our High School Service Learning experience. Our inaugural group was made up of three different companies (Envisage International, Flywire and Ivywise). Each company sent five to seven of their employees (some from international offices!) and joined forces to not only create a wonderful service opportunity, but also encourage a networking experience.

Corporate Service Program

The Details

Similar to our Student Service Learning Program, the Corporate Service model feeds into our overall mission by funding the construction of a primary school in Central America. The group spends a week on the ground assisting in the build process (cement work, painting, etc.) as well as interacting with the children and their families.

For information on sponsorship and funding requirements as well as how to get your team involved, contact Natalie Hambor at

Corporate Service Program