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Our Philosophy

Who We Are
School the World is a Boston-based international nonprofit founded on the belief that empowerment begins with education. We envision a world where every child has a meaningful opportunity to learn.

Our Mission
Our mission is to lift children out of extreme poverty with the power of education. We start with school buildings. To create lasting and sustainable change, we also train teachers, deeply engage the parents and local community, stock libraries, and build life skills and values through play.

Our Philosophy
We believe all children love to learn, want to learn and are capable of learning. All parents want a better life for their children and all teachers prefer motivation and achievement to apathy and failure. Nevertheless, we recognize that we will need to be innovative and often disruptive to break the generational cycle and change the status quo.


I can’t read. I can’t write. I can barely speak Spanish. I never had the chance to go to school. I am so grateful to School the World because I now know my daughters have a different future. Maybe they will be a teacher someday and not be so poor like us.

School ParentGuatemala