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Student Service Learning Information Nights

  • Jan 17th 6:00pm - Newton Country Day
  • Jan 18th 7:00pm - Needham High School
  • Jan 23rd 7:00pm - Concord Public Library
  • Jan 24th 7:00pm - Winchester Public Library

This past October Kate was asked to speak about School the World at renowned parenting expert Dr. Shefali’s conference called Evolve. As fate would have it, Dr. Shefali had seen our video Journey about one student’s 2.5 hour challenging trek to school each day on Facebook and immediately reached out to Kate. She said she felt a connection to our mission of lifting children out of extreme poverty with the power of education.

Dr. Shefali and Kate

"This video from School the World really moved me and has struck a cord with parents from all over the world. It was so vivid it helped us stand in this child’s shoes. We can’t help but think of our own children and the contrast speaks right to the heart. I have reached out to School the World to help because I can feel the change they are making in the lives of so many children," says Oprah’s favorite parenting expert Dr. Shefali.

What happened at the Evolve conference was magical. The attendees watched our video Journey and listened to School the World’s mission and really connected to it. They opened their hearts to the children of Central America and wanted to help. Turns out these amazing people from Evolve raised enough money to build 2 news schools! This holiday season we are thrilled to announce we have found a spot for a much-needed new school in Parajes Los Morales. We cannot wait to get the school built and ready for the students!

The old school
As you can see, the old school is in bad shape!

A heartfelt thank you goes out to the amazing and passionate Dr. Shefali for connecting with our mission and also BIG THANKS to those inspiring and committed attendees at Dr. Shefali’s conference who want to help us School the World!


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