10th anniversary

How You Can Help Us Reach Our Goal of 100 Schools!

Ways to help

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Graph of Growth

9 Years of Providing Quality Education:


September 2009:

It all began in a meeting with the Mayor of Chichicastenango, Guatemala. We agreed to a public partnership, which created the foundation for School the World’s effective model to improve education.

In the last 9 years, we have partnered with Mayors on 75 schools.


Dole DOLE brought our model to Honduras to bring education to the neighborhoods near their operations. A new culture & new climate, but very similar struggles.


We introduced our Service Learning Program. Bringing young people into the mix was transformational for School the World. Our first travel reason included 19 students. We have now surpassed 600 World Changers in just the last 5 years.


Began building playgrounds at our existing schools and emphasizing the power of play.


The release of our Journey video featuring Hilario and his 2 ½ hour walk to school. To date, more than 70 million have viewed it on social media and more than ½ million have shared this impactful glimpse into the challenges of accessing education in many parts of our World.


  • 2012: Randomized control study conducted by Universidad del Valle, finds School the World outperforming control schools in both reading & math.
  • A deep dive into long-term monitoring and evaluation of our program reveals a 15% increase in 1st grade passing rate, a 33% increase in school completion, and a 50% reduction in dropout rates.
  • Massive undertaking of surveying parents, teachers & students reveals:
    • greatly improved morale among all stakeholders
    • significance adherence to the school schedule
    • dramatic change in parents’ understanding of what it means to be the first educator of their child
      • All in all the survey results were an exciting validation of School the World’s strategy