At School the World, we take great measures to be as efficient as possible when it comes to our staff. It is not unusual that we all wear multiple hats and pitch in wherever we are needed. Our organization runs only with 3 full time administrative staff. Thankfully, we have helping hands from wonderful college interns and working professionals who donate their talent and time.

We deploy only local staff, all of our trainers are local, and many are from the communities we work in or communities similar to them. They have faced the same challenges that the children they work with have and have proven that with hard work and determination, a quality education can give you opportunities.

Whether our staff, volunteers and team members are in Boston, MA or in Central America, we have one common bond - that is our commitment to education.

U.S. Staff

kate curran

Kate Curran
Founder & CEO

Founded School the World in 2009. Her vision is to fight extreme poverty at its roots by bringing education to the world’s poorest children. Prior to School the World, she was an attorney and executive at General Electric Company. She grew up in Bridgeport, CT and enjoys reading, traveling and spending time with her very large extended family.

Natalie Hambor

Natalie Hambor
Director of Operations

Natalie has a background in entrepreneurship and marketing as well as a strong passion for global service travel. A graduate of Northeastern University, Natalie has extensive travel experience on both a philanthropic and personal level. She enjoys sharing her belief for cultural exchange and the power of community development.

At School the World, Natalie is responsible for the development and execution of our Student Service Learning Program as well as our internal operations.

Ali Rouatt - Assistant Program Coordinator

Ali Rouatt
Assistant Program Coordinator

Ali joined School the World in January of 2018 with experience in non-profit development and communications. Volunteering in various South American countries throughout high school, she gained inspiration from the local children and people and realized her true passion. Ali continued to pursue this passion for international cultural exchange and service work while at college at Denison University by studying abroad in Ecuador. She is excited to have the opportunity to integrate her passion and belief in the power of education and international service work with her growing skills in communications.

Field Team Members

Operations of our on site education program are run entirely by local staff. We believe they are ones who are most familiar with the local challenges, customs and languages and can have the greatest impact.

Central American
Program Staff

Ana Joya - Regional Director


  • Marilu Quiñonez, Architect
  • Kener Us, Parent Trainer
  • Isabel Yax, Parent Trainer
  • Francisco Reynoso, Parent Trainer
  • Liria Us, Parent Trainer
  • Santana Hernandez, Teacher Trainer
  • Katy Lopez, Teacher Trainer


  • Heydie Cruz, Engineer & Infrastructure Coordinator
  • Luis Nunez, Parent Trainer