Creating Lasting Change

School the World is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization founded on the belief that empowerment begins with education.

Our goal is to provide access to quality education for those living in the rural areas of Central America. Together with local governments, our partners and deeply engaged parents, we provide young children living in the poorest communities the opportunity to learn so that they can work towards a brighter future.

Founded in 2009, School the World broke ground at its first school in Guatemala. Since then, we have built 79 primary schools, trained 323 teachers and enrolled 9,582 students in Honduras and Guatemala.

We are one of the first NGOs to mandate community partnership. We require municipality to contribute 50% of the costs and the community must contribute land and unskilled labor. We also require the parents to participate in parent education programs; even our supply chain of books and supplies depend on partial parental contribution.

It is through these efforts that we have been creating lasting change. Our goals is to expand to other developing countries and replicate the model of success we have witnessed in the last 6 years to bring about change through education.

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